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Final Aura Burst 13 February 2012-19 February 2012


Akino_ame wrote 'The World of If: [LINEAR VENT]' (Shinji must fight Asakura. Ren must save Eri. Kanzaki must win. And Yui must find another way to save them all. How everything changes in a world of terrible possibilities. "The World of If" with a linear structure. Kamen Rider Ryuki. Gen. PG-13)
Lissy wrote 'Tradition' (Jiro stumbles across his Queen attempting a Valentine's Day tradition. Kamen Rider Kiva. Yuri/Jiro. PG)
Haruka wrote 'Better to Have Loved' (This fic was the direct result of seeing THIS .GIF and needing to write something for it. XD Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Don Dogaier/Ikari Gai. NR, coersion)
Meg wrote 'An Orgasm is an Orgasm' (PWP orgy Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Captain Marvelous/Joe Gibken/Luka Millfy/Don Dogaier/Ahim de Famille/Ikari Gai. NC-17)
Estirose wrote 'Romance Novels' (My muses seem very active tonight. This is a teenaged female Taiga.
Kamen Rider Kiva. Gen. NR)
Meg wrote 'Protecting the Protector' (Joe and Gai aren't the most obvious match. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Joe Gibken/Don Dogaier. PG-13)
Meg wrote 'Getting Closer' (Snippet of a Fourze/Garo fusion universe. The beginning of a new partnership, forged in fire and panic. Kamen Rider Fourze/Garo Makai Senki. Shun/JK. PG-13)


Icysnowdrop commented on watching various tokus.
Honou no Izumi commented on music in Kamen Rider.
Estirose linked to a Garo Makai Senki fic written, summary and warnings in the entry.
Estirose commented on Garo Makai Senki 19.
Meg commented on Garo Makai Senki 19.
Meg commented on Abaranger 23.


Akino_ame posted some Kamen Rider pics.


TV-Nihon released: Fourze 22, Gokaiger 50, Dairanger 46, Kanon 13.
Gao Soul Forever released: Sun Vulcan 43.
Ultrafanz Blog released: Ultraseven 1967 English Dub 1-2, 4, 8, 9-24, 36, Ultraman Hit Song Legend Hero & New Hero DVD
Midnight Crew Subs released: Den-O 3, Garo Makai Senki 18.
KITsubs released: Kamen Rider 26.
HaroRangers released: Hurricanger 2.
Over-Time released: Garo Makai Senki 18, Gokaiger 51.

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