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Final Aura Burst 6 February 2012-12 February 2012


Akino_ame wrote 'The World of If' (Another Rider down. Shinji must battle Asakura. Yui must escape the Alternatives. Ren must save Eri. And Kanzaki must win. How everything changes in a world of terrible possibilities. Kamen Rider Ryuki. Gen. PG-13)
Estelwolfe wrote 'No Soul So Desolate' (When the Gokaigers stumble onto injured survivors on a Zangyack planet post-revolution, they don't realize exactly how much trouble they're signing themselves up for. The Zangyack, meanwhile, don't realize exactly what it means to have Kadoya Tsukasa joining their side. Decade/Gokaiger. Gen. PG-13, overall descriptions of battle injuries, medically-mandated nudity (present but not really described), some dark psychological themes, and not terribly graphic description of war crimes)
Lissy wrote 'For the Best' (Rei comforts Kaoru, and truths are finally revealed. Garo. Kaoru/Rei. PG)
Estirose wrote 'Socializing' (A little bit of Kamendressing-set fic, featuring Koutarou and an alternate Wataru or two and and alternate Taiga. No fandom listed in header. Gen. NR)
Haruka wrote 'Lead in a Case' (Kamen Rider W. Gen. NR)
Estirose wrote 'On Winds and Waves' (Gai is sent to another dimension and meets what he thinks is an alternate sentai team. Gokaiger/RPM. Gen. NR)
Meg wrote 'Impending Doom' (Joe begins to suspect he's being targeted. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.Don/Joe/Marv. PG-13)
Mariko Azrael wrote 'Shirtless Fighting' (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Joe/Marv. PG-13)


Honou no Izumi compared Decade to Doctor Who.
Meg commented on Garo 16-7.


Very_verydanger made Shinkenger icons.


TV-Nihon released: Garo 17, Fourze 21, Gokaiger 49.
Midnight Crew Subs released: Garo 17.
KITsubs released: Skyrider 25.
Over-Time released: Gokaiger 49-50, Fourze 21, Garo 17.
Super Hero Time released: Changeman Promo.

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